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in what areas are your services available?

Currently we perform onsite coaching and designs within a 20 mile radius of western Indianapolis. Check out our handy radius map - if your property is outside the line but close, contact us!

All other Midwest locations are designed via electronic means - email and phone calls, with customer-provided photos and measurements of the property.

will you install the plants for me?

No, not at this time. Currently we offer design and consultation services only. The information we provide is well organized and ready to be implemented by the homeowners, or followed by a landscaper of the homeowner’s choosing.

What types of plants do you use?

We use a majority of plants native to the American Midwest, with 100% avoidance of any species that have been determined to be invasive or on “watch lists” by state and federal governing bodies.

What makes Favor Native special is that we acknowledge the value of certain “traditional” but non-native garden plants common in American gardens and that do not have harmful affects on our natural environment. Classic examples of these are lilacs, tea roses, tulips, and many of the annual plants common in most gardens - petunias, marigolds, cosmos. Please see the Our Philosophy page for further details on this approach.

How does your service work?

For coaching sessions, our designer will schedule a time with you to speak in-person. This is a relaxed, back-and-forth conversation, and perfect for when the homeowner is in the very initial planning stages of their garden. It also is very useful for new homeowners who have purchased a property with established landscaping and need help figuring out how to care for it.

For tailored designs, our designer will schedule a time with you to visit your site and gather all information, measurements, and photos needed to build your design. You will be asked to point out all areas to be designed, and any special requests you may want for the design.

Our knowledge is focused on grasses, flowering plants, and shrubs. General hardscaping ideas may be provided depending on the site, but not guaranteed.

how much will it cost to buy the plants in your designs?

Historically, we’ve found that calculating $4 per square foot provides a ballpark estimate for the plant purchases for our designs. We often space the plants in our designs 12-24” apart, and prices for young seedlings of grass and flowers often are between $3 and $5 each for this area. Larger shrubs and more established plants will cost more.

What plant vendors do you recommend?

Our absolute favorite vendors are local native plant sales that happen in the spring. Often you find a huge variety of high quality young plants for approximately $3 each, which are guaranteed native to your area. We also love the variety available from Prairie Nursery online or via their catalogue.

what forms of payment do you accept?

We accept cash and check, but also offer easy electronic payment options using credit card or direct bank transfer (ACH) through our secure payment interface, powered by Intuit.

I want to convert turf grass to a garden. where do I start?

Our favorite method is outlined here (it’s as affordable as it gets and requires no heavy equipment)!